Web Links


A.C.T. Lighting: North American reps for many lighting products, including Chroma Q color changers and MA Lighting consoles
Apollo: Gobos - custom and stock, glass and steel
Clay Paky: Luminaires and effects
Diversitronics: Strobes and effects

ETC: Luminaires, dimming, control, and visualization software
Great American Market: Color, gobos, effects, etc.

High End Systems: Luminaires, Consoles, and effects (general info)
Lycian: Followspots

MA Lighting: Home of the Grand line of consoles
Martin: Luminaires and effects
Rosco: Color, gobos, effects, etc.
Strand: Luminaires, dimming, and control
Strong: Followspots and large-format luminaires
Syncrolite: Large-format luminaires

Live Design: Formerly Lighting Dimensions and Entertainment Design - Different aspects of entertainment design - including lighting, sound, video, costumes, and scenery for theatre, TV, film, concert, architectural, corporate, etc.
Projection, Lights, and Staging News (PLSN): Corporate, theatrical, and concert lighting, video, and staging

Cadalyst: CADD

Nemetschek Vectorworks: The home of Vectorworks and Renderworks
ArchonCAD: Vectorworks manuals, training, tips and tricks, and add-ons
Autoplot: Stage lighting data tracking add-on for Vectorworks
Dan Belfiori: Multiple tools and plug-ins for Vectorworks
Benghiat Lighting: Lighting Design and Vectorworks Add-Ons
ConnectCAD: A suite of tools used to design and document AV systems and networks.
Cornel University/Kent Goetz: Vectorworks theatrical tutorials

The Drafthorse: Vectorworks training and add-ons
Field Templates/SoftSymols: Stage lighting symbol library
Image Props: Image Props for Vectorworks and Renderworks Recipe Book
Improbability Press: Publisher of Vectorworks tutorials
Jonker & Wu: Architects and a few Vectorworks utilities (Dutch)
LRA Designs: Spotlight and general Vectorworks training videos
OzCAD: Multiple add-ons for Vectorworks
PanzerCAD: The home of "Camera Match" and "Doodle" for Vectorworks

Gerrit Vanoppen: Architect and add-ons for Vectorworks (Dutch)
Vector Depot: Multiple goodies for Vectorworks (symbols, plug-ins, drawings, etc.)
VectorExpress: Vectorworks "How-Tos"
Vector Plug-Ins: Multiple add-ons for Vectorworks
VectorSoft Library: Multiple add-ons for Vectorworks (Japanese)
VectorScriptOpenSource: Pieces of VectorScript code for Vectorworks

Watanabe Architects: Architect and creator of "Simple Man" for Vectorworks

Forums and Mailing Lists
Control Booth: A forum for those interested in many of the technical aspects of the stage
Lightnetwork: A forum for those interested in any aspect of stage lighting
Planet Vectorworks: An outlet for Vectorworks news
Stagecraft Mailing List: An Internet mailing list for those interested in any aspect of stagecraft
Vectorworks Tech Board: Nemetschek North America's on-line VectorWorks forum

Vectorworking: An on-line VectorWorks community

The Computer Intelligence Agency: Nashville-based computer and network consultants
InMotion: Our Web and e-mail host
Dada Mail: Our mailing list application
Gibson Research Corporation: Site for checking your computer's on-line security

Digital Photography
Landmark Vistas: Landmark photography and large-format digital printing service

Currency Exchange Rates
The Weather Channel

Mapquest: maps and directions
FlyteComm: real-time flight tracking
Passport information - fees, applying for, renewing, etc.