Digital Lighting Simplified

One of the current rages in the production world is Digital Lighting - the marriage of lighting and video - equipment that allows lighting designers to create, manipulate, and project video content: anything from logos and still images to animated backgrounds, virtual scenery, dazzling ariel effects, and vibrant visual accents - all controlled by a lighting console.

It is easy to see the appeal of these systems:

  • They are Cost-effective. They can be a complement to traditional video - or a replacement when it is not affordable. Preexisting artwork (logos and the like) and content from stock animation packages can be used when budgets don't allow for custom-produced graphics and effects.
  • They allow designers to create Dynamic visuals easily and quickly. The only limit is a designer's imagination.
  • They are Expanding. They are helping video to evolve from simply being the projection of IMAG and Powerpoint presentations to being part of the creative design - to being another tool for visually enhancing productions.
  • They are Unifying. As the role of video changes, these systems allow video to be tightly integrated into the lighting and scenic elements of productions.
  • They can be Simplifying, in some situations replacing multiple fixtures that might have otherwise been required to create intricate backgrounds.

Digital Lighting In Use

Below are photos from actual Landru Design projects in which Digital Lighting was used. Click on the photos to see more images from each given event.

Renewing the Heart - Green

Renewing The Heart - Red

Both of these photos are from a day-long women's conference. By changing backgrounds, a different visual tone was created for each speaker or artist - a tone that complemented that of a given session or piece of music.
(Catalyst server and 3rd-party projector)

Orrico Windows

Orrico City

CRS Under Water

CRS Swamp

Fellowship Christmas 06 Windows

Virtual Scenery
For these projects, different locales and/or times of day were suggested for different show elements.
(Catalyst server and 3rd-party projectors, Catalyst server and multiple DL1s, multilple DL2s)

C3 Logo

Jesus Face

Logo/Image Display
In the first image, a client-supplied logo was animated and masked to fit within a truss circle.
(Catalyst server and DL1)


In the second, an image of Christ was keystone- corrected and masked to fit a 3D scenic element.
(Catalyst server, 3rd-party projector, and Orbital Mirror Head)

UMOS Mechanical

Signature Sound

Visual Accents
For these projects, Catalyst was used to provide visual accents that were incorporated into the lighting for music programs.
(Multiple Catalyst servers and DL1s -and- Catalyst servers and 3rd-party projectors.)

Select product photos courtesy of High End Systems
(top, overview)