The Value of CAD

Ideas mature. People change their minds. Problems arise. Bottom-line: Projects evolve. This is one of the primary reasons that all Landru Design projects are designed using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) computer software. CAD allows us to make changes quickly and relatively easily. It also better allows you, the client, to be kept abreast of this evolution.

Using a real project for examples, this page will give you some ideas of other ways that CAD can benefit you. It will also give you a brief glimpse of some of the planning behind a finished product.


3D Rendering

CAD is an invaluable tool for the exploration of intricate design concepts.


Front Render

An over-all rendering illustrating a design concept for the client - including video screen images.


DSR Render

A rendering allowing the checking of potential sight-line issues.


SR Camera Test

A rendering illustrating a potential camera shot.



Technical Drawing

CAD is an invaluable tool for the illustration of intricate design concepts. It allows us to produce the accurate drawings used by the many technicians involved in mounting today's productions.


Overall Plot

A drawing showing over-all room layout, including flown lighting trusses, staging, camera positions, show control, and audience seating.


Light Plot

A drawing known as a "light plot" - detailing how the lighting vendor is to build the lighting system.


Rigging Plot

A drawing known as a "rigging plot" - showing where electric chain hoists are to be mounted to the venue's ceiling structure.


Stage Layout

A drawing detailing the sizing and placement of the different staging elements.


You can see photos from this event, NASA's Unseen Majesty of Science, in the Gallery.

For information on the software we use:


We also have Plug-Ins for Vectorworks available for purchase and/or download.